venerdì 23 novembre 2007

Gimme Your Stuff

Hi everybody! This is Violette swaps page. I'm an Italian girl, I've found this fantastic site on the web, and since I think it's a super idea, here I am!

If you want to do a swap with me email me at:

Things I offer:
- Italian food, candies, books, cds, magazines
- everything else from Italy! (ask and I'll try to satisfy your requests!)
- handmade earrings, rings or bracelets

Things I'm interested in:
- local stuff from your country!
- handmade things (jewels, cosmetics, accessories, etc) -- I adore vintage/retro (victorian!) style and violet scent!
- bentos and japanese kitchen stuff
- san-x (especially nyanko!)
- tea!

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